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Emergency Savings Calculator

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Find out how long your savings would last or what kind of budget you would need in case of an emergency or job loss.

How it works
Put in your starting amount and then what your expenses would be. The emergency savings calculator does the rest! You will be given a line by line display of what your budget/savings would look like till your money runs out. You can select a starting date and even switch between weeks or months.

Example: John wants to create an emergency savings budget and wants to know how much of a savings he would need. Most professional money managers will suggest having a savings of at least 6 months. John’s monthly expenses are about 3000 and he has a savings of about 20000. The calculator would then give him a line by line record of how long that money would last.

Development Story

This was a quick 3-day project to test out the latest build/publish processes in GooglePlay.

Technology, Techniques and Software

Free but the app does utilize Admob ads

Java, Font Awesome

Android Studio, Photoshop

Techniques & Plugins:
ASO, Freelance Marketing, Font Awesome, Android Flavors, Windows Movie Maker