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Brainia : Brain Training Games For The Mind is a collection of over 35 brain training games designed to flex your mind using logic, memory, math, words and speed educational games.

These brain games were developed from the ground up to be family friendly and educational. Perfect for road trips, waiting rooms, or any other time you need a little brain coffee. Games can be played in 60-120 seconds.

**Brania is intended for educational entertainment. While these brain training games were developed with the intention to improve your logic, math, words, speed and memory skills, no research has yet been conducted to determine if this app has cognitive benefits.

Privacy Policy - Updated 10/31/2017

We respect our customers, clients and partners. We vow to take every step to keep your data (email address, etc.) safe and never to misuse it.

If you set up an account with us, we collect your email address, password, age, and scoring data from the games you play. This information is collected primarily to retain your data in case you login with a new or different device.

What we won't do:
We won't ever sell your personal information to anyone else.
We won't spam you. On occasion, we may send emails to you to inform you of product updates or other offerings.
We won't divulge your information to anyone you haven't explicitly given us permission to do so.

What we will do with your data:
Aggregate anonymous information about how you use Brainia.
Gather information about what games are played and not played.
Gather information on how this app performs so we can make sure our platform runs smoothly for you.

Technology, Techniques and Software

Currently in open beta. No ads, no subscriptions and all features unlocked.

Java, Font Awesome

Android Studio 3.0, Photoshop

Techniques & Plugins:
ASO, Freelance Marketing, Font Awesome, Android Flavors, Windows Movie Maker