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DirectX Game


Number Droid’s is an educational math based space shooter game built in 2011.

The game starts with the player pressing the START button on the screen. Before they press start, they will be able to set up the games Math criteria (what kind of math and number range).

As the game starts, an equation is placed at the top of the screen that will be unfinished, Ex. “3 + 4 =”. The player’s ship starts in the middle of the screen with many Number Droids being placed randomly on the screen moving in random directions. Each of these droids will have a number inside of them. The player needs to fire and destroy the correct Number Droids that add up to the displayed equation answer.

There are currently 5 levels in the game. Each level the Number Droids go a little faster and you lose more health for an incorrect answer. It takes three hits to destroy a Number Droid. Every 5 correct answers will result in a level up.

Development Story

One of our first in house game projects, this windows based game originated from one of our lead developers projects in his college days.

We wanted to build & produce a game that had educational elements to it, harkening back to the day of Number Munchers.

This game was built using a starter C++ project, then tweaked and rebuilt to our own purposes as education math shooter game!

Technology, Techniques and Software

C++, DirectX, Click Once Installer

Visual Studio, Photoshop, Xara