In House Social Networking Website Project

Matthews Calorie Counter


Matthews Calorie Counter is a social weight loss site with several different weight loss tools, in addition to the main calorie counter. Registration is free, supported with PPC ads.

Custom Built Major Systems
  • Food Journal (calorie counter)
  • Exercise Log
  • Weight in Charts
  • Weight Loss Projections
  • Personal Food & Exercise Libraries
  • Diet Articles
  • Weight Loss Support Groups
  • Weight Loss Tickers for link backs (used in Emails/Blogs/Websites)
  • Diet History Calendar
  • Weight Loss Support Forums
  • Personal Daily Journal
  • Weight Loss Profile's
  • Google Article Search else standard site search for other content

Custom Built Sub Systems
  • Private Messaging/Inbox System
  • Friend System
  • Profiles
  • Account Settings
  • Membership Security
  • Error Tracking
  • Member Tracking
  • IP banning systems
  • Mailing List
  • Full Moderation System including Flagging
  • Google Note Search

Development History

First Calorie Counter 2006

MaCC development began back in 2008 and was built from the ground up using .NET technologies.

The first iteration of this calorie counter actually started out as a simple deskop app built by one of our developers back in 2006.

It was crude and simple, but it worked. In 2008 we started to convert this calorie counter into a website that could be accessed anytime, anywhere.

We spent the next couple months building the sites core features. The more work we put into it the more we realized this was turning into something that other people could use. We spent the rest of the year building out core features and support systems. Finally in the summer of 2009 we officially launched the site.

First Calorie Counter Website: 2008

Throughout 2009-10 we continued to add new systems, finalize others and fix bugs.

During the summer of 2010 we decided to rebuild, focusing on a better UX and UI. This also included rebuilding many core features to take advantage of the latest technologies. is currently in its second iteration. With very little advertising and has grown mostly by word of mouth. We are closing in on 10,000 new members! (Jan of 2014).

Continued development on MaCC has been put on hold to focus on other projects. A third iteration is needed to make the website mobile friendly.

Technology, Techniques and Software

C#, Asp.Net, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, AJAX, XML, HTML, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT, MSSQL, ORM Database(NHibernate/ActiveRecord), some HTML5 & CSS3

Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, IIS, Notepad, Photoshop, Illustrator (Xara), Google AdWords/AdSense/Dashboard/Analytics

W3C Compliant Code, Cross Browser Compatibility (Firefox, Chrome, IE7+, Safari, Droid), Object Oriented Programming, Hosting on AWS, SEO