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BMI Calculator - Adult & Child

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Calculates Adult & Child BMI. Find Your Ideal Weight, Body Fat %.


This BMI Calculator your BMI (body mass index) to find out if you are:

  • Underweight
  • Normal Weight
  • Overweight
  • Obese (Class 1)
  • Obese (Class 2)
  • Morbidly Obese

  • Results for ages 21 and up
  • Ideal Weight (calculated using the DR. Miller Formula)
  • Body Fat % (calculated using the British Journal of Nutrition equations from 1991)
  • Weight Classification Chart


Results for ages 2-20 are calculated using BMI, Age and Gender to create a percentile. This percentile is then compared to other children and teens of the same age and gender, based on pre-established growth charts created by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

  • Results for ages 2-20 years old
  • Z-Score
  • Ideal Percentile
  • Actual Percentile
  • Percentile Comparison Chart


In addition to calculating your body mass index, this app also includes the following features:

  • BMI Recording & Tracking (save your results to view them later)
  • Review Your Results as a List, Calendar or in a Chart
  • Light & Dark Theme Selection
  • Past Entry Editing
  • Supports Both Imperial & Metric Measurements

Development Story

The main goal of this app was to fill a void of good quality BMI calculators that can not only calculate adult results but also results for children.

BMI calculations are not perfect and should be considered â??ball parkâ?? health estimates. BMI does not take into account people less than 5 feet, muscular builds and pregnant woman.

Technology, Techniques and Software

Freemium Model. One IAP that is used to enable the PRO version of this app. Upgrading to the PRO version enables editing of past entries, removes ALL ads and grants free access to future upgrades.

Java, Sqlite

Android Studio, Photoshop

Techniques & Plugins:
ASO, Freelance Marketing, Font Awesome, Android Flavors, Windows Movie Maker