In House Android Project

Lights Out - Puzzle Game

Available in Google Play


Lights Out is deceptively simple with additive puzzle game play that is based on the classic lights out game.

Play unlimited RANDOM games or try to beat the each WORLD. The levels start out simple and progressively gets harder.


To win all you need to do is turn all the lights out. You can turn a light on or off by clicking on it. But beware, every light you toggle the adjacent lights will do the opposite.

Each game is scored based on how much time and moves it took to solve. Each level has a calculated OCD minimum move count. OCD lovers rejoice!


Each world consists of 12 levels that get harder and harder.

There are currently five worlds: Space, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Every world has a unique theme supported by beautiful graphics and sounds.

Can you beat them all?


Endless game play possibilities! Choose from three different difficulty settings including a "surprise me" setting.


Are you stuck? Need a hint to help solve a lights out level? Game hints show the next move to play to in order to solve the current game puzzle. You can acquire additional free hints by completing world levels and earning three stars. One hint can be earned per puzzle level.

Lights Out Worlds is designed for both Phones and Tablets.

Development Story

We love puzzles here at First Century Thinking! One of our favorites is an old puzzle game that one of our engineers brought in where the simple goal is to turn off all the lights.

One of our developers decided to replicate this old game in app form as a side project/hobby.

Started in 2011, this game was nearly finished but then put on hold while awaiting graphic content. After five years we decided to pick up the pieces and finish it. Five years in the tech industry is a long time! We ended up having to completely rebuild the game engine and create brand new graphics to accommodate all the up to date technologies.

Technology, Techniques and Software

Freemium Model. There are numerous IAP's for this game. They range from level/world unlocks to a full-fledged hint system that uses purchasable hint tokens.

Java, Sqlite

Android Studio, Photoshop

Techniques & Plugins:
ASO, Freelance Marketing, Font Awesome, Android Flavors, Windows Movie Maker