In House App Project

Road Trip Games App

Available in Both iOS and Android Stores

iOS Version

Android Version


This the companion app to the site. These app's contain:

  • 11 different road trip games
  • A Simple Scoreboard to help keep track of your scores
  • A countdown timer as well as a stop watch
  • And a gas calculator that allows you to calculate the cost of gas for your trip

Development Story

Our first in house app built for both the Android and iOS markets. Each of the apps were developed in their own retrospective native coding environments (Xcode & Android Studio).

About 3/4 of the app are web views. This simplified the creation. Most of the content was copied from the main website. The scoreboard was not done in web views, simply because it's difficult to get a pure web view app approved through iTunes Connect.

Technology, Software and Techniques

Java, Objective-C, Sqlite

Xcode, Android Studio, Photoshop

Techniques & Plugins:
ASO, Freelance Marketing, Font Awesome, Integration with