In House Social Networking Website Project


No Longer Active

Description is no longer on-line. In the two years that this site was alive, we accumulated a massive amount of user driven content. We have plans to assimilate that content into future 'Easy-A' type apps for both Android and iOS.

Easy-A was a social educational resource that allowed users to rate & review teachers, classes and share school notes. Registration was free and monetized with PPC ads. This was a community driven site, all content being added by users.

Custom Built Major Systems
  • School Profiles
  • Leader Boards
  • Class Ratings
  • Teacher Ratings
  • Notes Ratings
  • School Note Sharing
  • Watch list System
  • Contribution System
  • Home Work Help Forums
  • Study Groups
  • Cusom Built Comments

Custom Built Sub Systems
  • Private Messaging/Inbox System
  • Friend System
  • Profiles
  • Account Settings
  • Membership Security
  • Error Tracking
  • Member Tracking
  • IP banning systems
  • Mailing List
  • Full Moderation System including Flagging
  • Google Note Search

Development Story

While we reused many systems from earlier projects, much of this site was built from scratch. There are three main functions for Easy-A:

1. Rate & Review Teachers
There have been many times that we have had to take a class that was being taught by two different teachers, of whom we did not know. So like flipping a coin we would choose one and hope this teachers teaching style matched our learning style.

Easy-A allows you to get teacher ratings and information before you take a class. This is also a great feedback system for those teachers, to see where they are excelling and where improvement is needed. This is accomplished by other student ratings and reviews.

2. Sharing School Notes
Many students have a hard time taking notes, don’t have time, or maybe are out of practice. Many schools already allow note taking for other students (such as foreign students).

Easy-A helps compliment this process by providing a place to upload, rate, comment and print out notes for class syllabuses, assignment sheets, study guides, cheat sheets, papers, essays, book reports and lab examples for your class.

3. Class Reviews
As a full time student taking on a full load of 12-16 credits, it’s nice to try to get an easy class into the mix. We just don’t know how difficult a class will be until it’s too late. Easy-A allows you to see information about a particular class before you enrol in that course. This is accomplished by other student ratings and reviews on particular courses.

Technology, Techniques and Software

C#, Asp.Net, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, AJAX, XML, HTML, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT, MSSQL, ORM Database(NHibernate/ActiveRecord), some HTML5 & CSS3

Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, IIS, Notepad, Photoshop, Illustrator (Xara), Google AdWords/AdSense/Dashboard/Analytics

W3C Compliant Code, Cross Browser Compatibility (Firefox, Chrome, IE7+, Safari, Droid), Object Oriented Programming, Hosting on AWS, SEO