In House Social Networing Project

Unity In Grace



Unity In Grace is a religious non-profit social website that seeks to bring people together to Love, Grow, Share and Encourage one another in Faith.

Custom Built Major Systems
  • Prayer Wall with Prayer Requests
  • User added Inspirational Stories & Testimonies
  • Bible Verse Signatures for link backs to be used in Emails/Blogs/Websites
  • Personal Devotionals
  • Fellowships
  • Bible Verse Search with Bookmarking
  • Help and Support Articles
  • Custom Text Editor

Custom Built Sub Systems
  • Private Messaging/Inbox System
  • Friend System
  • Profiles
  • Account Settings
  • Membership Security
  • Error Tracking
  • Member Tracking
  • IP banning systems
  • Mailing List
  • Full Moderation System including Flagging
  • Google Note Search

Development Story

This site was created out of a need for a faith based social network.

We took all our current technologies from and and combined them to produce Development started in Jan 2011 and finished phase I in May of 2011.

Technology, Techniques and Software

C#, Asp.Net, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, AJAX, XML, HTML, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT, MSSQL, ORM Database(NHibernate/ActiveRecord), some HTML5 & CSS3

Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, IIS, Notepad, Photoshop, Illustrator (Xara), Google AdWords/AdSense/Dashboard/Analytics

W3C Compliant Code, Cross Browser Compatibility (Firefox, Chrome, IE7+, Safari, Droid), Object Oriented Programming, Hosting on AWS, SEO